Thursday, 29 September 2011

Review of B & G hand casting

Received from B&G
At B&G we create your memories for you. Be it your newborn's tiny hands and feet, a hand sculpture of you holding your baby's little hand, you and your partner's hands entwined lovingly together in an embrace, or a family "portrait" of all your hands joined together, each of our casting is created with such loving detail you can almost feel yourself back at the very moment it was made. Display them on your coffee table, by the fireplace, along the stairs, by the window, or on your office desk. Just looking at them will bring a smile to your face and brighten your day.

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We waited around 35minutes and then...

Voila... the finished item.

My Opinion
I am so so happy with my hand casting, I think it makes such an amazing keepsake to mark our engagement and also something a bit different to what other people have. The detailing in the casting is absolutely fantastic even down to the detailing in the sides of my engagement ring. I was expecting my hand to be a bit mucky after being placed in the mould but as you can see from the video I was amazed.. I didn't even have any mess in my nails and my hands smelt minty!!

 B & G are such a lovely couple... I would recommend if you are near to where they are situated that you allow them to take the cast for you she makes doing them look easy :D Although B&G are sending me there home casting kit so I hope I manage to do my boys hand and feet so stress free keep a watch out for B&G casting part 2 featuring my attempt.. oooww and of course K and new baby 2 who is due in 10days!!! :)

Prices and kits vary but you can view them Here.
B&G Website

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