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Review of Clinica Tissue oil

Received from Clinica UK
Clinica Tissue Oil 60ml
Priced at £5.40

Clinica tissue oil is a unique blend of oils which soothe and nourish skin and nails. With regular use and the correct massage procedure Clinica® tissue oil helps return elasticity to sagging and wrinkled skin. The result would be an appearance of a toned and firmer skin.

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Clinica® tissue oil specially formulated product, highly recommended for:
  • - Ageing skin
  • - Blemished skin
  • - Treatment and prevention of stretch marks
  • - Scar tissue treatment
  • - Before and after pregnancy massage oil
  • - After sun treatment
  • - Dry, dehydrated skin conditions
  • - Therapeutic bath oil
  • - Assists in retaining the natural balance of oils and moisture in the skin
  • - Safe for all ages 
Ageing skin 
With regular use and the correct massage procedure Clinica® tissue oil helps return elasticity to sagging and wrinkled skin. The result would be an appearance of a toned and firmer skin. Recommended facial massage instructions below: 

Treatment and prevention of stretch marks
To help prevent stretch marks which are caused by rapid change in body size, such as weight loss, pregnancy and adolescence, Clinica® tissue oil should be gently massaged into the areas most susceptible to stretch marks. For stretch marks that already exist, apply twice daily massaging gently in circular motions into the affected area.

During pregnancy massage hips, upper thighs, and abdomen twice daily from early in the first and second trimesters. Apply Clinica® tissue oil over the area and massage in gentle circular motions for ± 5 minutes. Work from the navel upwards, sideways and downwards. This tones the muscles, and in combination with antenatal and post natal exercises are of great benefit. 

Scar tissue treatment 
To enable the reduction of scar tissue, both new and old scars would require the same treatment. Apply to the scared tissue two to three times per day applying in slow gentle circular motions. 

After sun treatment 
After sun has damaged skin it leaves the affected area extremely sensitive, so it is important to treat the area with care. By applying the Clinica® tissue oil to the affected area it will help to hydrate and repair cell damage in the affected area. Clinica® tissue oil can also be placed in a cool/warm bath and used as a bath treatment. 

Dry, dehydrated skin conditions and Therapeutic bath oil 
One of our skins greatest problems is that it is being robbed of its natural oils consistently by various factors, weather chemicals in the environment, air-conditioning/ central heating and effects of soap. Clinica® Tissue oil can be directly applied to the dehydrated area or can be used as an effective therapeutic bath oil to attain exceptional results. This allows the body to retain the natural oils and moisture previously lost.

My Opinion
I used this as a pregnancy oil and I found it to be nice and glide on my skin, I also like it in the bath it made my skin really smooth, you seriously only need a little bit and you can feel a difference. I found that being told the correct way to massage the oil in helped me, and also meant that my partner could do it too.. although baby always moves when he knows it's daddy's hands :)

The smell of the oil is so easy on the senses. In fact, it’s a rather lovely light fragrance and one that I think makes for a nice perfume alternative, if you’re feeling sensitive. This is down to the ingredients - Clinica Tissue Oil uses mainly essential oils. These include mineral oil, sweet almond oil, evening primrose oil and coconut oil. 

As well as a pregnancy oil, Clinica oil can also be used on children... steps up K, we are very lucky that touch wood K has had no apparent skin issue but putting a tiny bit in his bath allows his skin an extra little bit of moisture and we all know how little boys play... basically getting as grubby as possible until mummy runs around after them with the pack of baby wipes so every little helps! I like the fact it has many uses and that it is a product that the whole family can use. Andrew my fiance suffers from sore legs and this leaves him with darker parts to his skin where it has rubbed, he has also been using the oil although not when sore when healed to help the discolouration of his skin whether this actually helps or not I couldn't comment but he seems  to think that it does.

So the bottom line is would I recommend Clinica oil and the answer is yes it is a cheap alternative, as well as the benefits for your skin if you massage the oil in correctly it will have an effect on your stretchmarks too I believe :)

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