Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Review of Tuckadoo Tag Skube

Received from Tuckadoo
The Tuckadoo Tag Skube
A beautiful skew Cube made of soft, cuddly Minky and cotton fabrics of your choice, with tags, your little  one will love to snuggle, twiddle and play...
 from £8.50 plus p&p £2.50

To see how they are made and my opinion of them read on....

This is how they are made!! 
Cutting the chosen Fabric
Sewing and choosing tags
Adding Stuffing
Gills son helping with the stuff of the tag skube
Baby 2's sexy skube ready to be packaged
My Opinion

These look and feel soo lovely, I am in love with the Minky fabric I think it's gorgeous and would love an adult sized minky blanket for my bed!!! I love how Tuckadoo is such a family orientated handmade company, I think my favourite photo of the making on baby 2's skube is most definitely her little man helping with the stuffing, it just shows how much love and thought is put into her pieces (to which I have said before in my Tuckadoo single bed review) My hope is that baby will love the different textures of the Fabric and enjoy the fun colours of the giraffe and owl print fabrics :) The tags are there for his amusement and if he is anything like his big brother he will have very much lots of fun attempting to pull them out lol. As far as home made toys go I think this is a good sensory toy... maybe tuckadoo could think of how they could involve more textures into though them OR have a 'sensory skube' <-- i like it ;) as well as a cuddly.

I would and do recommend Tuckadoo and their products, they are a fabulous company and very lovely to work with!

Tuckadoo Website
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