Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Review of Bobux Pre Walk Saddle Jodphur

Received from Bobux
Now baby can experience the feeling of what moving into a grown up shoe will be like. While exploring the newfound freedom, they can have confidence as they learn to take their important first steps.

Taking those first few steps can be a bit daunting for little ones, so choosing footwear that supports natural movement – that rock ‘n’ roll motion so cute to watch – is essential. Bobux pre-walk gives mum and dad the revolutionary duo-flex sole, leather around the edges and rubberised underneath, so little feet are supported but not restricted as they learn how to navigate the floor upright. Stylish, and fun for all occasions, the Bobux pre-walk range comes in sandals; sport shoes and loafers, all designed to give support and freedom for those first steps.

Read on for some more photos and to see what A New Addition thinks

Bobux say there purpose is to give every child around the globe the chance to have feet that grow and develop naturally as they were intended, without restriction so their feet will be healthy and last a life time.

They even have guidelines on picking the right shoe if you wish to look you can click here.

My Opinion
I think these are just the cutest little baby boy boots, although baby 2 will not fit them straight away I already have the perfect outfit set out in my head for them. Chinos and a cardigan... just too cute. They are well made and Look and feel like they will last sufficiently... obviously depending on if your child is a shoe thrower lol. These are priced at £26.95 which I find a bit pricey but as it's coming up to Christmas and come packaged in a lovely display box which I think would make a perfect baby gift. Also if you are planning on buying just one special pair of shoes or shoes for a special occasion then I think you should consider having a nosey on their site. I am very much looking forward to baby 2 wearing these gorgeous little shoes, keep a watch out when he is here as I am sure there will be a photo with them on him or I will update the review :) ... I am due 2 weeks Sunday and It's Wednesday!! 

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