Saturday, 10 December 2011

Boob VS Boob... can you get too much?

Before I start this story I would like to say I formula/bottle fed my first son, and have been successfully exclusively breastfeeding my second son since he was born.
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This is a story about something that happened while I was out and about still pregnant with baby boy 2, we were in a big shopping facility and a lady casually walked past with her baby in a sling (not feeding) and she just had her breast out, I was a bit took back by it surely that's a bit odd. 

I thought for a bit about my reaction: 

Should I be supporting her? yes I support her breast feeding all day long but did she really need it out when her baby wasn't feeding?

Am I wrong to feel like this? Society today sexualises breasts far too much when I feed my own son I use a cover or my feeding scarf and I still find I get looks and people telling me they have a seat in the toilets.... ermm no thanks, I am not really sure how to answer this I personally wasn't offended by seeing her boob but I was a bit took back by the fact that she just had it out for the sake of it.

I know on a daily basis mums just feeding their child are getting abuse from passers by like Claire's story so  may be she was just taking her own personal stand?? 

I wonder myself now I am a breastfeeding mummy and this happened again would I be so shocked or would I give her a high five!!

I would love to hear your comments on this.

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