Monday, 5 December 2011

BritaxBaby Safe Plus SHR II The early days...

The Early Days....
Review 1 Baby Safe Plus SHR II with the cowmooflauge cover :)
I loved this car seat from when I first set eyes on it at The Baby show in Birmingham.

Read on to find out more..
 From the get go Britax has been in J's life
From the first trip home...

..the first meet up with his big brother.... his first outing...
 I have to say I think J Pulls it off just lovely.

I have a little Ford Fiesta so at first struggled with attaching the carseat as my seat belt was too small, I contacted Britax and asked what they would recommend to which they recommended the Baby Safe Belted Base, Upon receiving the base it was really easy and simple to fit but meant that my boo boos car seat was fitted in correctly and I could really tell the difference to how sturdy it was. The Carseat itself was very simple to attach to the base, you simply click it in and when you want to get baby put you press the button on the back and unclick baby :)

Watch My Video on how easy it is to attach and remove the car seat.
So far Britax and their products seem very reliable, J sits in in comfortably and is clipped in efficiently with the 5 point harness. The car seat attaches nicely to my Britax B-Smart 4 pushchair and is easily removed by the single handed release button at the top. The handle can be moved up or down with the slide button at the top of the handle and there is extra protection from the weather with the attached hood.

With how I feel with this product right now I would recommend this to an expectant parent or parent of a small baby.

Britax Website

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