Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Review of Using The Pretty company gownie

Review Part 2: Using The Pretty Company Gownie
As I have previously told you I had a Molly gownie to review from The Pretty Company

I have told you What I Put into my Hospital Bag and this was one of the items packed ready for my big pregnacy 'finale' and My First Impression of this product so here is my final review of my The Pretty Company Maternity Gown.

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Here is me getting to the pushing stages with gas and air at tow, my contractions must of been having a slight break as I can't remember being so relaxed!! As you can see I am not restricted in any way and felt as comfortable as I could do while in labour.

My Gorgeous new baby boy <3
Baby J, Born 5th October weighing a whopping 8lb 11oz! Much bigger than my first boy. Notice I am still wearing my gownie.

J having his first booby feed :D
The press studs at each shoulder seam allow you to easily feed your newborn I have to say this is one of my favourite photos <3

So what did I actually think?
While being in the hospital, wearing my pink polka dot gownie made me feel a bit more like me and more normal than the hospital ones. Hospitals make me feel un-easy anyway and there blue gowns make everyone look the same:l so I was very glad I had this packed in my bag and when my clothes became uncomfortable I quickly changed and felt a lot better, a lot cooler and a lot less restricted. Once I had gave birth to my gorgeous new addition it was very easy to feed him from the press studs on the shoulder seams. I shall be keeping my to put in my little mans keepsake box, I would recommend these to any pregnant ladies and beens as it is coming to christmas if you have a pregnant friend this would be a great present for her :) <3

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