Saturday, 7 April 2012

Keep your children with you, even when they are elsewhere...

Received from Imprint Silver
Made of .999 silver these beautiful charms is the perfect keepsake for any mummy. Unlike a pendant, a charm can only accommodate 1 handprint or 1 footprint due to its size. The charms come complete with a silver clasp for easy removal.
Silver Imprint Charm, A New Addition Review
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What we think

This is my most favourite piece of jewellery in my house and I think it always will be. Anything to do with my children is special and knowing a little bit of them is always with me even when thy are off doing there own things is very special. I was actually shocked when I was told prices start from £30!!! I thought that was absolutely wonderful and not a price you would shy away from telling your friends all about and persuading them to get one made *ahem.
I love that my big boy - who is the hand print 'K' has the bigger heart and my baby boy 'J has a smaller. After all, They do say it's in the detail don't they!
The quality of the charms are just beautiful am I biased because it's my boys? Maybe so but I think you should all go and get one and treat yourselves! It's something you will adore forever!

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