Monday, 26 March 2012

Yellow poo!! And No Addictives for the Horned Child.

My Baby with green poo and My 4 year old has grown horns and partnered with the Dark side read on to see what we have done..

 Who would have thought I would be so happy to see the return of yellow poo in Boo’s Nappy today!!
For the past few days he has had green poo L Which of course made me panic, I think being a breastfeeding mummy puts extra pressure on you in cases of something like this as you immediately blame yourself and question that they are feeding enough ad what you have done wrong! Well I did anyway.

I did lots of research on the internet it came up with a few options, An imbalance in hind and foremilk but I figured if that was the case we would of had issues from the get go. The fact that I have eaten something funny that didn't agree with little man. I also emailed Sioned the lactation consultant from Medela who said

'If Boo is well and thriving it’s probably a combination of him teething as he is drooling and swallowing as he also has a cold he may have a bit more mucus and this may be irritation his digestive system'

I thought this was interesting as I had never considered teething giving him a green nappy. So thought I would share with you all :)
So the past couple of days have been a big change in diet. I have dramatically lowered my intake of sugar and no longer have my breakfast Actimel. I also upped how much water I drink, added Fenugreek into my homemade lentil soup and Flaxseed into my oat porridge and yay this morning the green had gone! The fact I had changed so much means I am not too sure what is the cause but that is fine as I just won't be doing them again. Less sugar is healthier for us all so all a plus!

Bad tempers have occurred this week from my 4 year old. Who has seemed to have grown horns and partnered with the dark side!
I remembered when I was little I was allowed no sweet and colourful goodies I always thought my mum was mean but now I know I had these satanic tempers too (Sorry mum). So not only have I had a diet change, we all have. No additives or Preservatives. We have been doing it for 2 days so far and already I have noticed a difference! I enjoy cooking home cooked food every day. Now I will also be making my own teething biscuits, biscuits and sweet treats. I was majorly surprised when on Google searching additives how many of them they add into food. I am hoping that things will continue to improve. He actually told his daddy this morning that he didn't want Weetos as he isn't allowed chocolate, bless him. I suppose maybe he feels better in himself to. Not constantly crying. Screaming, shouting besides who wants to do that when the suns shining :)

Maybe with all of this and breastfeeding my baby pouch will decide to go away.. we can only hope!

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