Friday, 23 March 2012

What does Mothers day mean to you?

Mothers day means to me, the special day I get to treat my mum without her saying 'no it's okay you don't need to get me anything! I have you I need nothing else'  yeh yeh okay she DOES still say those things BUT beens as it's pretty much childrens day everyday It's nice to treat your ma once in a while. Something of which I learnt when I grew up and realised all the things I thought was my mum being vile and uncool, was really just her protecting me from the vile uncool things in life.
So what Did I get my mother!!
These photos were took by my mum after she had received them lol :)
Everything I brought my mum were things I know I would love myself, Infact I brought myself the :) I like to read things as does my mum so when I seen the mug below I just knew it was appropriate too us. Me and my mum are so close, she is my best friend. When I go to her house it does feel like I am a little girl again I get full up on yummy homecooked food topped with fab after treats! My eldest always comes home with a goody bag too :)
'Home is where your Mum is'
The picture in the frame is one I made myself.
What do you think? I very much Love it! I may make myself one!! :)

Laurel Burch Blossoms
Received from Paperblanks

For the Keeping of Thoughts Magical & Sensual
Laurel Burch was a self-taught artist and “flower child” who sold handmade jewellery on the streets of San Francisco in the 1960s. Later on, she continued to rely on her intuition and passion, speaking from the heart with an unmistakable style that was the manifestation of her love of life and strong imaginative nature. From her fertile imagination, she created brilliantly coloured, vibrant and moving themes with paint and paper, exquisitely embellished with gold and silver.

Includes | Memento Pouch • Ribbon Marker
Attributes | 176 pages • 90 x 180
What I think: This wouldn't be the design I would pick from the site, but it is actually really beautiful for a journal You know you're a mum when you think stationary is beautiful right? Lol that and you get brought tea towels as presents!. I travel to lots of differences conferences and speak to lots of different people all the time so it is really handy to have a nice book to jot the information down in. The memento pouch allows you to store important things in my case this will be useful for business cards. The Ribbon marker will make sure you don't miss your place where you last wrote in or allows you to mark information you know you will be needing. It's a nice size to be able to place in my handbag yet big enough to write more than just shortened notes.
All in all I am happy with this product - priced at around £10 it's a nice treat for a mummy. We all know how we love to write lists!! ;)

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My little men brought me a cup and coaster and a tealight holder and tealight, My eldest also made a gorgeous little card. Decoarated a biscuit and picked a daffoldil - both of which he gave to Nanny!

What did you get your mum for mothers day??

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