Sunday, 22 April 2012

Remember those tiny fingers and toes forever

Received from B&G Life-casting

B&G  create your memories for you. Be it your newborn's tiny hands and feet, a hand sculpture of you holding your baby's little hand, you and your partner's hands entwined lovingly together in an embrace, or a family "portrait" of all your hands joined together, each of their castings are created with such loving detail you can almost feel yourself back at the very moment it was made. Display them on your coffee table, by the fireplace, along the stairs, by the window, or on your office desk. Just looking at them will bring a smile to your face and brighten your day.

Baby's hand or foot covered in Premium Silver Priced at £54-£66 each
Read on to see what A New Addition Think:

What we think
I wish I had known about this company with our first son. We had attempted a foot impression when he was small but to be honest it was just appauling. So all I have to remember his gorgeous tiny tiny fingers and toes are paint prints.
Imagine my delight when theses arrived of our second son! My baby's Silver coated 3d Casting. The detail in them is phenomenal and I really mean that! Every line, every wrinkle they are just exactly the same as my perfect little boys hands and feet!! It just makes me 'eeeeee' when I look at them because they are just so overly cute!
I love that when J gets older I can show him his little hands and feet in perfect form just like they were when he was a tiny little man.

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