Friday, 25 May 2012

Are you a disaster Chef?

Kenwood have researched and come up with these stats:

 47% of women said they have had to throw away a meal they cooked because it didn't turn out as planned or tasted terrible

Nearly half of women (47%) said their partner/ friends / family complain about their cooking but will still eat it as there is no other option

16% said their partner / friends/ family have had to order a takeaway after failed attempts at cooking have meant they would otherwise go hungry

41% of men said they tolerate their partners cooking (so perhaps don't actually enjoy it!)

40% of women are more likely to burn themselvesin the kitchen compared to 27% of men

44% of women said their most common kitchendisaster was overcooking food

37% of women said being able to cook a delicious three course meal from scratch is the most impressive skill to have - over speaking languages or playing an instrument

14% of women say they waste up to £10 offood per month because their food is inedible or not enjoyable

Do You agree with them? I definitely agree with the burning of food I am an awful one for putting on dinner and then getting distracted :/ If you agree then you should definitely enter there competition to win a whopping £4,000 worth of kit!! Woop! You can enter here :)

Let me know if you win! And I would love to hear some of your horror stories too so please feel free to comment!

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