Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Baby Proof Jewellery - That is still Gorgeous!!

Smoky grey Heart Pendant - From the Mama Jewels Mum & child friendly Jewellery rangeAcrylic Grey Heart mounted on black acrylic washable thread.A gorgeous selection of Grey, black, crystal and frosted white beads.Finished with Macrame knotting. Length 32''Complete with Mama Jewels gift box and tag.Wonderful as a Nursing Necklace / Breastfeeding necklace and when baby is teething

I LOVE my Mama-Jewels, I love that it is quirky and chunky. I love that it is sparkly - I LOVEEE that my baby cannot harm himself or break it! While feeding him he likes to play with it and twiddle it around, and I can sit in the knowledge he isn't going to break it, or pull something off and Choke. This Necklace has been with us through conferences, travelling on a train, around The NEC Birmingham Baby Show and to numerous park outings and lunch meetups. I can happily say I well and truly have tested this necklace and it has come up trumps. So if you have a child that gets distracted while feeding and likes to attack your pretty jewellery/hair I highly recommend :)

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