Monday, 30 April 2012

Who Am I??

In the Past few weeks I have seen some very eye opening things about myself, some I like and some… not so much. It has made me realise that I need to change and appreciate more who I have in my life. That I need to realise that everything that I now do affects my children and if I want to be successful (I do, I do) then things need to change. In order to change, I am writing how I would like to be living in 5 year’s time.

In 5 years’ time I would like to be happily living as Mr and Mrs in our own house which we have mortgaged. Decorated to my standard with the Cutest Furniture, A BIG garden for the Boys with a tree house they can play in. I would have an office, which was organised to perfection and colour coordinated to which jobs on which days. A schedule to which I keep to everyday and a cleaner that pops round once a week.
My Business will be successful in a way I will enjoy and I will still have time to do the fun things that mummy’s do like cuddles and hot chocolate with a Film or going and seeing the Stinky animals at the Farm. I find having my boys has made me vulnerable, I miss the old me where I trusted no one unless proven otherwise and wasn’t trampled on like a Door mat. I would like to think my presence will be more of a professional front than the immature and worried nature I am finding I am clinging to, and I will be more certain of who I am. Who am I??
We will have taken our boys to meet Mickey Mouse in the Florida sun, and I could dance with Prince Charming like I did as a child, apart from now I have my own real life Prince charming.*cue sick bucket!
I would like to be in a nice Stable place when I could occasionally go out and treat myself to a sexy pair of designer shoes and every desert had something from Marks and Spencer’s.

I very much think at the moment things can only get better, after all Life is how you make it.

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