Sunday, 22 April 2012

Dining in style with It's a Bibble

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Dine With me Bib
Dress for dinner in this fabulous black tie Bibble tuxedo bib. White shirt effect under black jacket with black bow tie and two button all on black fleece stitched in black. Priced at £8
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What we think at A New Addition!
I don't actually think I have seen a cuter bib! We have lots of very cute bibs but this one has to be my most favourite. Not only is it the cutest bib ever it also does it's job well. It is good for when I am feeding him because it holds in liquid well.  We all know that teething babys like to dribble and my little man is well known for his teething dribbling antics at the moment, This bib enables him to not get sore because it soaks up the saliva. Shame it can't take the pain away too eh! So all in all we adore this becuase of it's ability to do what a bib should and just making my stunning little man look like a right little handsome chappy.

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