Sunday, 22 April 2012

Need extra storage for your buggy???

Received from Hamster Pannier Bags

The Hamster Pannier Bag is Two bags that attach to both sides of your baby's buggy keeping your buggies steadier because the weight is distributed more evenly so the buggy is more stable. These are Ideal for everyday use, days out and holidays!  You’ll have more storage space and they even have Inside and outside pockets. There are Reflective stripes on the side of the bag so you can be seen in the  dark. And when you no longer need to use your buggy because your child has grown out of it, these bags have other uses! *thumbs up.

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My Opinion

I am a very unorganised mummy blogger, while at The baby show I lost my business cards numerous times aswell as my mamascarf not good when you are trying to be professional *sigh! So when I visited Buggy Accessories Stall and was given the Pannier Hamster bag to test, It was immediately put it onto my pram. I automatically knew where my cards, phone and camera were as they were carefully zipped away in pockets and placed in net pockets. (The pockets are situated in and outside the bag) When we are going out on an outing, say we are going shopping. I find it nicer to have my basket free and have my babys things in the side bag. I like my buggy gadgets! So if you do too I would add this to your wish list.
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