Sunday, 20 May 2012

The Baby Show

Another big day today (Saturday) for me and boo and first born who had an Amazing time with his nanny Caz!!
We travelled to Birmingham to The NEC for The Baby Show. I always feel apprehensive at the start of these things, this of course was added to the fact I couldn't use the ticket on my phone and had to go and get it printed off. By the time I had done this the nerves had gone and I just wanted to be let in!

By the time I had faffed about enough to get myself allowed in it was 10am! Time for the Facebook meet up, so off I trudged to find the central cafe which is now the elusive Pregnacare Juice bar, I toddle round long enough to see a beautiful Liz Weston in a very stunning Jacket waiting eagerly with her goody bag and Emma from Clarion. Of course, I rushed over for cuddles which are always rare with Liz because she is always mega busy :)
Liz Westons bottomless bag
I then set on my mission of trying to find everyone I have worked with and say 'hello' I LOVE attending the baby show now, it's so lovely to see the people you have worked with and put faces to the emails you have received. I enjoy that people recognise me when I walk around now and I find it fantastic that there are always new faces to add to my never ending list of fabulous companies.

One of the new company’s I seen today was Urban Bon Bon a 'brand new' company out who literally just launched yesterday! - How exciting! Here is one of their beautiful Bags :)
Changing Bag from Urban Bon Bon
That's enough about me - Here's Boos things
Babasack by Mamascarf
The Multi tog baby sleeping bag for use day & night, all year round.
Little brother bib from Funky Giraffe, we also got a dark grey and red Star bib.
Something for us all
The Syner med
 A non-invasive and non-irritating solution to taking your child’s Temperature to ensure your child is in good health

We had a fabulous day, I met some fantastic people who I shall be keeping in touch with :) I always feel a bit swamped at these shows trying to fit everyone into one day and never really feel like I get to speak to everyone! If didn't speak to you drop me a shout out I am sure we can arrange something.

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