Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Cybher and here after...

This weekend me and Boo travelled down to London for The Cybher conference Thanks to Miracle Products!

I had wrote an amazing post as soon as I got into my hotel room but it seems the internet hates me so I will fill you in. It started with my saying it was 12.15am (I remember writing the time) I had just got boo to sleep and was absolutely craving Lemonade!
Still being absolutely buzzing from the conference even though not being able to get around so much with my big pram I got so much out of being there. The people I met were amazing, and it was just so fantastic to be around so many inspirational women.
I came home feeling so empowered and with an extremely large list of to-dos.
The bespoke bag we were given at the registration completely made my whole day before I had even took a step into the conference. I mean what a beauty and such a pleasure to have by my side just the two us *starts singing. But seriously wouldn’t you be proud to be the owner. It is made by The Leather Satchel Company, I have a gift from them for you all - I will do this is another post eeek <3

Have you noticed that my blog is having a little move around - a little shift - A few 'new additional' bits. See what I did there eh! A New Addition will now be about me more as well as my beautiful most absolutely gorgeous offspring. The baby/children part of my blog is staying as well as my honest reviews and the handy products I recommend to you, Just as well as that I will now have yummy mummy, fashion, moan and groan, fantastic, inspirational just everything I love and feel like adding to my blog. Sounds good? I hope so!!

Keep a watch out and tell me if you have any ideas?

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  1. Good to meet you this weekend, looking forward to getting to know you better :)


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