Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Breastfeeding in Public

Breastfeeding in public was for me a very scary thought when I was pregnant with J, I did lots of research as I had said in my previous post, but something you can't research and practise is that of gaining the confidence of feeding without feeling like you are being revealing and to realise that if people have an issue with you feeding your baby, then that is what it is, Their issue and quite frankly they can eff off with it, sit on it! And enjoy it in their little narrow minded heads. As you can see this is something I feel very strongly about. On numerous occasions I have been told 'you know the toilet is just over there?!' 'You would get more privacy in our toilets, you know I am just thinking of you!' and so on and so on. Do you think that these people would go and eat there dinner in the toilet... I am pretty sure they wouldn't! Anyway getting back on track breastfeeding in public was one of my big fears when pregnant, and once J was born it took me a good few weeks to take the plunge and venture out into the big world knowing I was a breastfeeding mummy.

Me Breastfeeding at The Baby Show

I travelled to Ikea where upon I sat in a quiet corner in there quite packed cafe. I pulled out my Mamascarf which for me was a godsend at first to gain my confidence and fed my baby. I thought people would look at me but to be honest no one did, in fact I might even go as far to say people didn't even know I was feeding. It took a few feeds after that for me to feel fully comfortable with feeding in public and I made sure I took my Mamascarf where ever I went. Now at 8months I am happy to feed him with out a cover something I never thought I would do, I am proud to be a breastfeeding mummy. I am using my breasts for what they were intended to do, feed MY baby and if people don't like that then quite frankly sod em!

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