Friday, 7 September 2012

Ravensburger Puzzle Club

Ravensburger sent us our Puzzle of the month to review: The Amazing Spider-man jigsaw puzzles.

This set consists of 3 puzzles each with 49 pieces.
All separated!
K is amazing at Jigsaws as I knew he would :) To make it a bit harder for him I put all the puzzle pieces together and got him to separate the puzzle pieces into the 3 puzzles. You can differentiate the different pieces by the patterns on the back on them You Can see this from the photos pictured above.

Here are his little jigsaw masterpieces - he was very impressed with them.

So what did we think to the Puzzle?
K is a mega Spiderman fan, he does the spiderman hands you know the webby gun handy sign thingy and makes the noises of him firing the web! 'tsssphh' <-- Like that. So when he opened his puzzle package he was very pleased :) Realising his enjoyment would be over quite quickly I added the extra of him having to sort out the puzzle pieces so they were all the correct patterns. Then it was all go, he began one by one to put piece by piece his spidey puzzle together. Once he had finished he said they 'were really cool'. I like these jigsaws, they are great for calm down time when he is at that I am really tired stage when returning from school. We are trying to take more time out to play board games/games and jigsaws so are really pleased that we are now part of the Ravensburger Puzzle Club.

Do you think people should take the time out to do more puzzles together?

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