Friday, 31 August 2012

Cross country trains

Cross country trains
My impressive 9.31 to Manchester experience
This morning I embarked on a journey from Coventry to Manchester, the first train from Coventry to Birmingham new street was easy going, there was room for my pram as the disabled spot was free. I waited at new street for my next train and soon realised that the disabled spot in the Manchester train was taken. Where do I put my little man? I noticed a big disabled space in first class, and immediately showed the staff my ticket and explained there was no room for my pram and it was full, at first I was told I had to fold my Pram down and put it in the storage facilities along with my 3 huge bags! With it being just me and baby J when we reached Manchester it would of been an awful stress. They called the train manager who explained protocol and that the worry was that people in first class don't want to hear a baby, I promised him profusely that I trusted him and that he was tired and due to be asleep. (we are still on this train - he isn't asleep) I knew he was getting hungry though and as to not cause further concern I decided to breastfeed on the floor tooled away in the corner with my quiet baby. The train manager who I think had been informed by another member of staff that I was feeding J came and told me I shouldn't be sitting on the floor and offered me a seat.

How absolutely lovely! I am so very impressed by the staff on this train and on telling a member of staff how happy I was he said 'if it wasn't for the customers, we would be out of a job'

Now to keep my little man amused until we get to Manchester.... A big high 5 to you cross country trains! I definitely recommend you!!

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