Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Bounce back - to sleep

I was recently sent a pair of Silent Night Bounce back pillows to review, upon asking what the pillows were like I was told they were really soft and I immediately shared my concerns to the fact I hated soft pillows, I like the ones that mould to my head. My partner on the other hand is completely the opposite so I thought we may as well give them a go. I was a tad shocked at my findings..

Hear about the Silent Revolution from Silent night above. Read more of the stats by clicking here.
So what do I think?
They are really comfy, I have been converted, I am really very shocked at the too. I was assuming maybe even wanting to hate them because I loved my old pillows so much but now my old pillows feel to flat. I have a weird way of sleeping, I always put my arm under in a I love you, but I would love you more if you could help the baby with his teething kinda way. I think the most positive thing to say about them other than that they are really soft comfy and bounce back not leaving a space where my head had been, is the fact that I have started doing more work in my bed but then I suspect that is also to do with the teething/lack of sleep issue :) I definitely think the sound nights sleep for all is still down to the children no matter the products you have lol
Do you have a favourite pillow? Are you a hard one or a soft one? ;) Comment below.

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