Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Tag your it..

As it is coming up to half term and you may be preparing for the buying of new larger uniform I thought I would share with you what I same sent from My Name Tags.
My Name tags are Beautiful quality name labels for clothing and equipment. The labels are perfect for children going to school or nursery.

-Design nametags in 2 minutes
-Get them in 48 hours
-Easy to use
-Guaranteed to stay on (There is a 10 year washproof guarantee! Wow!)

Iron-on name tags
The iron-on name tags are perfect for ironing onto clothes and school uniforms. The iron-on labels can be used in washing machines and dryers.
Sticker name labels
The stickers can be used in shoes, on lunch boxes, PE bags, CDs and thousands of other places! They can be used in dishwashers, sterilisers and microwaves.

For a set of 75 Iron ons and 75 stickers it is the cost of £9.95 a set my opinion is that they are an absolute bargain especially compared to that lost Moshi Monster bag because it hasn't got a name in another child has 'mistakenly' taken it ;) So far K has had his on his jumper since the start of term and it is like they promise absolutely perfect I think I may even buy myself some, yay Hannah stickers :D

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