Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Stokke Launch

I have something very exciting which I haven't wrote about on my blog yet...

I was a guest at the 'secret Stokke launch' cue Lots of excitement from me.

The shocking thing about this event along with the fact that I was invited was the fact it was in Coventry! Coventry of all places! This may have made my life a bit better after the 'cat lady incident' You see everyone Stokke had their launch in Coventry! *Thumbs up, smug smiles*

So how did the event go, well it was very professional, as soon as I stepped inside I was made to sign a non disclosure agreement - this is why I didn't tell you! I wanted too!! And I am going to now :)

The launch was held in Coombe Abbey Hotel, Coventry. I was absolutely astonished when I walked into the hotel, in fact into the grounds. It was beautiful, I opened the doors to the reception and automatically felt very relieved by the fact I had taken a detour to go and buy myself a new jacket. The receptionist pointed me in the  direction of the 'Stokke' and off I went into the room of wonders to await what they were about to show me.

Stokke impressed me with how much research they do into their products, and how they are all about the child and the connection the parent has with their child. This is a massive thing for me, me and my Baby J have such a strong bond, I adore parent facing prams, I get told all the time let him see the world and that he will get bored of seeing me, turns out he won't and this pleases me immensely. We heard all about Stokke's plans and why they were planning on new designs and then we got to see them!! They were brought out in a stream of models showing off the products the Xplory first and then the new models, when they new models were brought out everyone started clapping it was definitely exciting! I had to leave early as I had to pick K up from school so I didn't get to have a play but I did have a fab experience and an exciting day/secret to keep until now!

Welcome - The Crusi
Please Note: The Sibling Solution!!
Welcome - The Scoot
So what do you think? The Xplory is still my favourite! but I am biased ;)

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