Tuesday, 30 October 2012

The Fashion Side Of The Debate - Sponsored.

Looking around at different sources of fashion advice and style developments, it’s striking how frequently eye wear seems to come into play, particularly in the summer months when sunglasses are in play. It’s not that glasses are always necessarily worn on fashion runways, or in modelling catalogues. However, more and more frequently you do see models and celebrities wearing eyeglasses and sunglasses on advertisements, at public events, or when photographed in their private lives. All of this makes one wonder why people who are trying to decide between wearing glasses or contact lenses seem to consider every possible factor outside of fashion. Of course, comfort and eyesight are very important, but the fact is only contact lenses allow you the flexibility to enjoy eye wear fashion.

Sure, there are certain perks for eyeglasses. They’re easy to put on and take off whenever you feel like it, they can drastically improve your vision, and if you take your time picking out frames they can be quite fashionable. However, none of these advantages equal the potential style-related benefits of choosing contact lenses. Popular contact companies like Acuvue offer a number of different styles of contacts, meaning that you can find a pair that fit your eyes comfortably, work for your lifestyle, and improve your vision. And, once you find this pair of contact lenses, what’s to stop you from still enjoying glasses?

Let’s face it: everybody loves the sexy librarian look  on occasion, but you don’t need prescription eyeglasses to pull it off. You can browse through countless pairs of clear, non-prescription glasses that still have stylish and attractive frames, and in fact these are the glasses you see so often on models, celebrities, etc. So, not only can you still enjoy the fashion elements of glasses, but you can also do so with more variation and flexibility, as you won’t be relying on a single pair to see well.

And, of course, with a reliable set of contact lenses you can also enjoy sunglasses during the warm, sunny seasons. This is a fairly basic statement, to be sure, but if you have ever relied on glasses for your vision, you understand how disappointing it can be to be unable to wear sunglasses, whether to block out the sun or to make a fashion statement. Ultimately, given these factors and the seemingly increasing popularity of eye wear in fashion, it does seem as if there might be a “right” answer after all for the glasses and contacts debate – and it has nothing to do with your vision!

Katie Morris is a freelance writer and blog contributor with a passion for fashion. She enjoys keeping track of the latest styles in all aspects of fashion.

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