Thursday, 1 November 2012

It's christmas lets get Puzzling!!!!!!!!

Do you feel like you should be shouting about Christmas yet? We were sent this to review because of being part of the Ravensburger Puzzle Club. You should be getting used to seeing our new jigsaw additions now :) So here's what we think and what it looks like when complete (It's very pretty).

This is the Christmas Fair Jigsaw by Ravensburger and it is a 200 xxl piece jigsaw.
How pretty is this jigsaw!!! We are going to keep this and pull it out and do it again on Christmas eve together! How lovely will that be :) That's if we do not get the urge to do it again before that. I am so excited for Christmas and this puzzle just adds to it.You can buy this puzzle for yourself here. OH and as an extra take a look at this..Ravensburger Puzzle Store Is that not just the best puzzle store you have seen! I am very impressed! Thank you Ravensburger!

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