Friday, 23 November 2012

Music to my ears?

Family time is the best time when you are having fun and with 2 boys 'playtime' can be a bit manic, especially as J has only just turned one, so when we were sent Moosicology to review, I was very intrigued as to how it would pan out...
The Moosicology package includes two CD’s which 64 educational tracks (32 songs, 16 stories, 16 activation tracks), a book which contains all of the lyrics to the songs and words to the stories as well as useful pictures to explain. There is also a parent’s guide book to enable you to provide guidance and support, useful tips and ideas of musical games to play.
Here is the Creator to tell you a bit more about moosicology and what is so good about it

So does A New Addition think

This is an ideal way to teach children about music.  At first it was quite confusing but as the CD went on, it became easier to understand.   Obviously a baby would not comprehend what a quaver, crochet, half note were but through the music and the beats you are able to learn them.  An elder child would find this a useful way to learn about tempos, musical rhythms.  

This is not a CD which you could say that by the end of listening on the first occasion you would recognise a quaver, crochet etc but over time this would come.  

I reviewed this CD with my one year old.   It did not hold his attention for very long, and after about five minutes he had listened enough.   More suitable for the elder child. The manuals were easy to understand. 

An ideal use for this would be during a group session with several children maybe get some friends together
Moosicology Website
 Moosicology on Facebook

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