Thursday, 22 November 2012

Swimming to another Level

Baby J started his second term of Waterbabies lessons today, We did the humpty dumpty game and hold hold hold onto the wall with J being the oldest (over 1) with other children in his class ranging from 3 months old he has pretty much nailed this. Happily jumping off to splash me and him and giggling and then proceeding to climb out when helped to turn around because of this J's teacher has suggested we move our lesson to one of her older groups, J will still be one of the older babies but he will be with a more similar age group. This group are 'Advanced' The have done nearly 3 extra terms to J so we will see how he goes on Thursday.  This is really exciting although I am sad that we are leaving the mums and little babies we have already made friends with. I have ordered my goggles and J's waterbabies swimming set so we will be well set.


Website: Water Babies Midshires
Twitter: WBChaseTheBall

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