Thursday, 29 November 2012

Sibling Fun

Brothers and sisters argue – it’s a fact of life. You can’t keep them from bickering, even if it’s over the smallest issue, especially if they share a room. While it’s impossible to stop siblings from being at each from time to time, redecorating their bedroom can help to ease the tension by keeping them both happy, as can making it look like somewhere they both want to spend time together playing games and getting away from the living room.

Firstly, you should consider
what your kids are interested in. If they share common interests like animals or cartoons, maybe decorate their room using posters and/or pictures of their favourite animals/characters. If you have a son and daughter sharing a room, perhaps look at painting the walls a neutral colour – yellow or pastel blue might work as they’re colours loved by young kids of both genders, but what about the nursery furniture?

Ideally, the furniture should be something all the kids can use: bean bags, adjustable chairs or a small table for painting or drawing can work for any room being shared by two or more kids. If you have two kids who have completely different interests, it might be worth decorating one half of the room a little differently to the other so it looks like they have their own space. This will appease both of them and make them feel more comfortable. However, you won’t want them to contrast too much, as that could make the room look strange and unwelcoming for both siblings.

If you want to create separate spaces for the kids, make sure they get an equal amount of room. Any disparities will be picked up on immediately, with the child given the smallest space complaining about favouritism. Measure the room before you begin decorating and furnishing it, and you will ensure they have the same amount of space to play, rest and work.

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