Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Do you put the 'roastiness' into your roast dinner?

I have to say one of my favourite parts of a roast dinner other than crispy chicken skin and crunchy crackling is the roasted parsnips and roasted potatoes. I am definitely one to pull my bottom lip out when dining at my mums and she makes mash hehe sorry mother!

So when I saw Aunt Bessies new video I wondered, am I roasty enough? Working from home I tend to lounge in my sexiest pyjamas bottoms (the cow ones) and a t-shirt. You can already imagine my partners delight right!? I know! It is a good job I am a good cook lol. It is only on that odd special occasion I manage to grab a bath and brush my hair and even stay clean – hiding from the boys until he comes home so that I am half decent!

Aunt Bessies roast potatoes are one of life’s simple yet talked about secrets of which you can simply pop into your over to accompany your meat (you have had in the slow cooker) or even breaded or crispy battered which you have popped into your over. And in just over half an hour you will have a delicious meal for your children and with them being at school all day it is lovely to sit down and a family and enjoy a good plate off food over some great conversation about how one of their friends had been showing them how to make a paper aeroplane – riveting.

If you fancied making them a bit more adventurous add some garlic, thyme or basil, salt and black pepper ;) Yum!

So grab your lipstick, spray on your most beautiful perfume and get yourself glammed you hot stuff you! If you want to know what I am talking about more – take a look at the Short Video

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