Saturday, 21 May 2011

The Baby Show Saturday 21st May The Bump Blogger


As you all know I am The Baby shows Bump Blogger

A speaker on giving away the hourly prize.

I thought it was fabulous that not only was their wheelchair access even when the speakers were on there was a signer.

I met the lovely Jenny McLaughlin from Gumigem

The lovely Tj that fitted my gorgeous new maternity bra yesterday from Bras 4 Mums

At the baby show there are also offering free fittings if you are going to tomorrow I would definately say go and speak to them :)

Fiona from Naturally cool kids was at the show, showing and selling her all natural products

Check out there colourful stand!!

They gave me a Vapour stick and bug band to review

I met Helen from Cheeky Wipes

She is going to send me one of her fab reusable baby wipe kits shown below

A company that makes gorgeous handmade products Incy Kids

And the designer herself

Received from Bibbles

And the Couple selling them Lilly and Richard :)

The Hands Free brolly by Carole Henry as seen above.

I think we have all had the umbrella pram walk lol so I was very impressed when getting showed the demo that you can also use it as just an umbrella I am looking forward to reviewing this.

I met the lovely Louise Guinda from Safe Dreams

She has gave me one of her Cot wraps to review for baby 2 :) Knowing all the risks non breathable fabrics can give to a baby I was very happy to be given one so thank you! The revolutionary new Cot Wrap® is made with specially designed beautiful cotton-rich Softbreathe™ fabric.

This is a photo and me and Claire Byam-Cook who is a breastfeeding guru, although is very open in speaking  about it being your choice and that if bottle is your choice then it is the correct choice for you and to not let people get you down in this decision.

As with baby 2 I am going to give breastfeeding a go she has given me a lovely Floppeze to test.

Along with the Floppeze she also gave me a breast-feeding book that she had written along with a dvd, I am looking forward to having alot more information that with my first, I hope it helps me to be a successful breastfeeding mummy.

This is Claire Kierman she is from Cartoon Arts

She has gave me one one of her lovely pieces called 'I love ewe' As I have mentioned in a previous post baby 2s side of the boys room is being lambs so this will go great :)

Putting a face to a twitter name is great, I did this a few times at The baby show... This is Keira O'Mara from Mama Scarf

I am very greatful that she has gave me a lovely mamascarf to review I hope having this aids me to be more confident when breast feeding.

Baby wipes from Water Wipes

The Worlds purest baby wipe. 99.9% water.

The Goodie bag from

This is the £2 goodie bag that was being handed out by Prima baby.. I though it was really nice when they offered me one and couldn't believe when I opened it and found all of this below inside!!

This is a Tummy tub I should be receiving one of these from Kellys Toys

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  1. omg i didnt see them bags of id have bought one , im gutted lol ....very good write up hun x


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