Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Review of The Little Jet Setter Blanket Backpack

Received from Little Jet setter

The Blanket BackPack
Travel blanket for young children that they wear as a backpack! All in one design that cleverly turns inside out to produce a blanket. Available in Fleece and Jersey Cotton. Many designs available including Pig, Sun, Airplane and Boat.

  • Clever design that easily changes from backpack to blanket
  • Cosy Fleece design or thinner cotton jersey design
  • Toddlers can carry their own blanket on their back
  • High safety standards - arm straps detach with velcro
  • Portable and squashable for easy packing and travelling
  • Kids love their own blanket to take with them!

As you can see there is straps that allow the child to use as a backpack, shown below.

By my gorgeous little model K Caine :) I found this little travel Blanket a lot more useful thank expected, and I am very glad we now have one in our household for our little trips out.

Another great thing we found useful is that you can latch it to your pram on a hot day, then when it gets a bit chilly you can pull the blanket out and cover them.

If you are a mummy on the go and enjoy outings with your children I would recommend you get this little gadget, not only because you don't get the Moans that they don't want there blanket on, because when they have carried it around all day they will happily put it to use, but because when they kick it off and don't want it you can cleverly hang it on your handle out of the way :) 

You can buy one of these Here

Little Jet Setter website
Little Jet Setter Facebook
Little Jet Setter Twitter

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  1. Thanks for the great review Hannah - I'm so glad your family found our clever pack useful. Long may you tote it about!


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