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Review of the 4 little 1 Nasal Aspirator, Medicine Dummy and Baby Nose Clear Room Vapour

Received from 4 little 1

I review the:
The Nasal Aspirator (bogey sucker)
The Medicine Dummy (The godsend for a medicine spitter!)
The Baby Nose Clear Room Vapour(The get well soon smell)

To see these reviews in detail with photos read on..

The Nasal Aspirator
Ideal for baby colds and allergies, the Baby nose-clear nasal aspirator's effective award winning design provides quiet and gentle continuous control through mouth suction. A reusable medical grade filter makes the whole process perfectly hygienic and as extra filters are not required the aspirator is always on hand when needed. Paediatrician advice is to suction the nose before a feed and before bed. Physically removing excess nasal mucus helps prevent secondary symptoms such as ear infection, coughs and stomach upsets.

How to use: Place the nozzle at the end of baby’s nostril (not inside) and suck through the mouthpiece to clear any visible mucus or blockage. The congestion will collect in the sealed chamber which is hygienically protected by a filter to prevent any chance of suck back.

My Opinion: Great Idea, my partner with our first son just used to suck his nose and get the muck in his mouth (Yuck) So I suspect this little gadget to the a lot more hygienic and comfortable for the baby.. My assumption is that when they get older they will give a dislike to it and not allow you to use it properly, luckily by that time you should be able to use a tissue!

The Eezimed - Medicine Dummy

The baby medicine dummy provides a safe and easy way of administering exact amounts of medicine to your baby. It combines a unique patented syringe with a pacifier and thereby causes significantly less stress for the infant. A small channel inside the teat allows the medicine to be given either passively through sucking, or actively, by slowly depressing the plunger to ease the medicine into the back of the infant's mouth. Snap fit locks the plunger in place once the medicine is fully expelled from the syringe.
This baby medicine dispenser is not a soother or pacifier. It is a baby drug dispenser and should not be used for long periods of time.

How to use:Snap open the chamber behind the teat and pull back the plunger, Measure the required dose and add this to the dummy. It may need to be refilled for larger doses, Close chamber ensuring it is snapped tightly shut, Give to baby & where necessary gently depress the plunger to administer the full contents.


My Opinion: Trying to give our first son medicine was a waste of time he would either allow it to dribble down his face because he hadn't swallowed it, or he would spit it out!! So this for me seems like a great idea, although not wanting to give children medicine all the time, when needs be when they are poorly I definitely think this is a gadget that should be considered.

Baby Nose Clear Room Vapour
This  wonderfully refreshing Room Vapour is 100% natural and really helps improve baby's breathing right from birth. The pure oils in the ‘snuffle blend’ are very gentle and help decongest and relax babies to promote restful sleep.

The fresh clean scent of this Room Vapour helps to clear your baby's congestion to improve breathing, feeding and promote restful sleep. It is made with pure and natural essential oils, which are by nature antiseptic. It is 100% pure and does not include any toxic synthetic fragrances or propellants, unlike most commercial fragrances.

Lemon: refreshing and cheering with antibacterial properties
Tea Tree: a fighter of infection, good for fever, coughs, colds and flu, catarrh, sinusitis, bronchitis and asthma
Pine: refreshing and is known to restore strength after illness

How To use: When your baby is congested, it is helpful to humidify their room. So the simplest and most effective way to diffuse the Snuffle Blend is to add a few drops to a damp towel over a radiator or to a bowl of warm water. Alternatively, it can be used with humidifiers or vaporisers.

My Opinion: We love smellies in our house whether in be in the bath, to massage in or just as a room fragrance. So this product is good for us!! Especially as we are prone to catching bugs/germs you can guarantee if the lurgy is about one of us will catch it, My partner described this of smelling a bit like vix <-- to which he adores immensely lol. I can see the benefits of having this in the house it's one of them get better soon smells.

If you would like to know more or have a look at the products in more detail the company links are below :)

4 little 1 Website
4 little 1 on Facebook
4 little 1 on Twitter

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