Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Review of Silver Springs Hit Children's Spring water

Received from Silver Spring/Hit

Teaming up with HIT Entertainment, one of the world's leading independent children's entertainment producers, Silver Spring have created a new spring water especially designed for children. The lunch box friendly bottles are the perfect addition to every child’s packed lunch, and will leave the rest of the playground eager get their hands on some of the themed magical water!

K is always after a drink of some kind as he is always on the go.. boys ey! and what he goes for isn't always a healthy option boo hoo!! So when we heard about the HIT silver spring water we were happy to test it..

Read more to see the Verdict..
Silver Spring’s HIT British Spring Water is nothing but pure spring water from the North Downs of Kent. Bottled at source and containing naturally present calcium, the small bottles of spring water are the most refreshing and hydrating drink around. With the added excitement of a fun and familiar character. We received Bob the builder and Fireman sam, although alternatives are available Angelina Ballerina, and the newest addition to the range, Thomas the Tank Engine.

With water being proven to aid concentration, it offers an extra reason to make HiT spring water a lunchbox staple, ensuring your child feels refreshed both physically and mentally throughout the school day.
The Verdict
K was very happy with drinking the water, it didn't have a 'taste' like some waters do it was just refreshing, when he had drank all the bottles we filled them up for the fridge so that his healthy alternative lasted for a while, obviously until he started chewing the bottle and ripping the label lol. The fact that there is a sports top cap means less mess for K Caine to make and also means that if the lid is lost you can still close it by just pushing the cap down stopping the flow of water.

I find these to be very reasonably priced at just £2.49 for a pack of 6 or 49p if brought individually, these can be brought from Boots and Asda obviously with the characters available varying. And the characters on them make them alot more tempted to children as well as being 'cool' in their lunchbox so I would recommend them to a parent.

Hit Entertainment Website
Silver Spring Website

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