Friday, 3 February 2012

Britax VS The Rain

 Britax VS The Rain
As you know my previous post on my Britax Bsmart 4 Review was Britax VS The wind well now Britax is attempting this fight of mother nature again, this time being with the rain.

Britax B Smart,Rain
Underneath this mist of warmth is my beautiful baby boy hid from the rain by his Britax Raincover

This is the side view of J all tucked up away from the rain while I sadly get wet. As you can see the raincover fits snuggly, there are airholes situated on both sides allowing air to get in for the baby. The Raincover has velcro so that it actually attaches to the pram stopping that horrible flapping you sometimes get when having a raincover on.

So far so good I am still loving my Britax Pram as does J and the fact that my baby boy can stay lovely and warm in  this vile weather is a massive plus for this happy mummy.

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