Friday, 24 February 2012

Review of Bondie Bird Play wrap

Received from Bondie Bird

"The Playwrap by Bondie Bird™ is an ideal sensory development toy for babies.  It offers babies a rich variety of stimulating textures, colours, and sounds to explore and encourages the development of their fine motor skills and coordination.  Its unique wearable design allows parents and carers to actively participate in the learning experience at home, or on the move."
There are many ways the Bondie Bird Play wrap can be used here are a few:
In the cot
Around your shoulders. Be hands on, while being hands free
Place on baby's waist
Around a Car Head rest
On a Highchair
Or you can attach it to the window
There are alot more things you could probably think you could do with it too

My opinion
This is such a lovely little toy for a baby, brightly coloured with lots of lovely little noises and even a mirror to see yourself!! We have attached ours to our son cot, he is coming up to nearly 5 months old and loves his tummy time as you can see from our photo. His favourite thing to do with his bondie bird is to attempt to pull everything off it I think this is down to all the little rattly noises as he laughs as he does so. My favourite part of the bondie bird has to be the butterfly :) It's a crinkle toy so I always know when he has it, I also like the beanie bag one - he enjoys squishing that :) It is priced at £29.95 which I think is fab considering it's uses and the fact it is all colourful and touchy feely just makes it perfect for a baby.
 What I disliked - that because I used the suckers on my cot it falls off :( maybe if there was like some sort of detachable hook? hmm I am just being picky. Would I recommend this product yes I would recommend it.

Bondie Bird Website

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