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Saving money on Maternity Clothes

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Saving money on Maternity Clothes

Are you at that stage yet in your pregnancy where your waistband is starting to expand? Things are getting a little too snug and you’re having to think about larger sizes and maternity wear.

A great place to look at is on an auction site, many people sell of bundles of their maternity wear so you can sometimes pick up a whole maternity wardrobe for a small price. And remember, the size you need equals the size you are in ‘normal clothes’, so if you’re a 12 then you’ll need size 12 maternity clothes. This stumped me to start with!

If you’re looking to buy new I have a fab tip! If you head to the tall section that some of the shops have you can pick up t-shirts and jumpers at a nice price and they are a perfect length to keep those tummies covered!

Hannah from A New Addition's tip: Look out for posts on recycling sites as some women may be trying to help out by offering her preloved pregnancy clothes.

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