Thursday, 8 March 2012

A little self indulgence??

Today I went to visit our professional photos that we had taken a little while ago, I had won the shoot via Emma's Diary and was entitled to 1 free photo to which I was told by bigfeet I needed to abide by as we couldn't possibly afford any others after the dramas we are facing at the moment with my car ect.

Me and J sat in the waiting room..
until we were called in for our viewing. I was hoping that I hated them all but 1 but they were all just absolutely lovely I was holding back emotions the whole time looking at them and knowing I wouldn't be taking them home. There was one family shot that immediately caught my attention. It was so beautiful and natural bigfeet and J cuddling and me and k gazing into eachothers eyes and smiling. I needed this photo in our lifes but I was told it would not fit into the size of frame that was being offered and with my mindset from the get go being that only 1 photo should be chosen I had to put it aside.

Another unbelievable factor was that there was a nice photo of me and bigfeet ... We NEVER have nice photos together and he nearly always ends up looking like a criminal due to his no smiling nature. I always wanted to be that cute couple with the photo of the pair of them on a shelf in their bedroom but eventually I chose a small family photo which was lovely and would fit and proceeded to leave.

I CRIED all the way home. The Big photo which just captured our natural love for eachother was just sitting in there storage just waiting to be erased. But we just couldn't afford it... It was priced at £350 and that's alot of nice pennys going towards the fixing of my poor dorie car (I told myself) as I took a slow walk back to the studio.

Yes I bow my head in shame I brought the photo but not only did I do that I also picked my winning photo as the one of me and bigfeet ! A little self indulgence from time to time can't hurt right?#

'This post was written as a way to show Bigfeet  I had been naughty, My Bad!'

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