Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Big Brother is Back!!

Big Brother graced our Televisions tonight for the Big Brother 2012 contestants to be let in the house!

Here are my First Impressions of the said 'new' housemate.
Deana - If she thinks you look fat she will tell you.

With Deana being the first housemate in she was given a 'secret task' that she had to nominate 3 of her fellow housemates immediately after they had all entered the house to make her immune for this week. One of her nominations were hilarious.

My FI of Deana is that she may be the cow of the group saying this though I also think she may be all gobby for her audition and in the house will eat her words.

Arron - Wants a filthy female housemate to look at and thinks of himself as good looking.

My FI of Arron is that he is a tit head. He overly loves himself and I think he may be getting a few shocks when he realises that he has overpriced himself.

Caroline - Has a mad bush for hair
My FI of Caroline, she had the most annoying hair and voice, her whole presence just reminded me entirely of Nikki Graham 'who is she'. Saying this she doesn't seem that she has a game plan and she most definitely needs to comb her hair, seriously it didn't even look nicely back combed it was the dragged through a bush look!.

Shievonne - Is a Playboy waiter that says she hasn't drank water in 6years because it 'tastes funny'

My FI of Shievonne is attention seeker, I mean who doesn't drink water. I think she is going to be the one trying to seduce the housemates into her getting what she wants. I think she will be the mind player.
Conor - The Cock Watch

My FI of Conor was hilarious he explained how his party piece was to wrap his manhood around his wrist, draw a face on it and ask people the time. Seriously who does this things. Conor apparently. Unfortunately Conor was one of the people that Deana put up for nomination the reason being he didn't speak to her much. Hmm..

Lauren - The Barbie with a Tractor Licence

My FI of Lauren is that she won't be taking any sh*t from the other housemates although looking like a pretty princess she said she used to be a Tom Boy, she is a black belt in Karate and has 2 world titles so I can't see her being a girlie to accept people's criticisms and if she doesn't like something I doubt she will let it continue although I may be wrong.

Luke A - The Transsexual

 My FI - I think Luke is going to be really nice although playing the ladies man card in the auditions. I think he will be friendly amongst the housemates although I hope he does no funny business as he has a wife.

Adam - Adam is a recovered Naughty boy apparently the 'rightest thing to your left'

My FI of Adam is that he may be the trouble maker of the group, maybe being naughty, stirring things up by moving things and playing tricks ect. He seems very sure of himself I'm not sure whether I like that or not yet.

 Sarah - Was Miss Edinburgh

 My FI all Sara did in her audition was talk about how she was miss Edinburgh and how she should of been Miss Scotland. Blahdeblah her outfit combination was awful.

Scott - The Posh Boy

My FI of Scott He has an obsession with the British upper classes and is basically a wannabe posh boy. I think he may be funny but also I think he may be very irritating I am undecided on him still. He said his dad was a ruffian and that he likes to hang around with Chavs but only on a night out. This made me want to shout swear words at her for being an arsehoale(said in a posh tone)

 Ashleigh - The Essex Potty Mouth

My FI I think Ashleigh is going to irritate the rest of the housemates with her swearing especially Scott. This amuses me. I think maybe her and Chris may get it on. She said she likes to look 'reem.' Her dress was very pretty.

Luke S - Said he was an arrogant pr*ck

My FI I agree with what Luke said about himself and I dislike him. That is all.

Chris - 'squeaky' The Big Lad with a Little Voice

My FI Chris is sooo sweet, his voice just doesn't seem right for his frame. He just looks so adorable and cute with his big Hench self and pretty boy image. I think he may get in on with Ashleigh as he said he likes fake girls and they are both from around the same area.

Lydia - Lives in the Shadow of her fella Andy Lee-Scott and hates it.

My FI I didn't particularly have an opinion of Lydia at the start other than she was jealous and just wanted to be in the Limelight like her fella was. Then Deana Nominated her and she reacted in such a bad and sore way  questioning that Deana shouldn't of nominated her that I now don't like her and on first impressions. #LydiaToGo

Benedict - Was a secondary school teacher until they found out he was a willy wiggler and Porn actor.

My FI is that he will definitely be naked in someway probably a lot of the time and probably with the last contestant Victoria. If this happens I may want to scratch my eyes out.

Victoria - The playboy model ect ect

My FI of Victoria was 'cowbag' she's 41 doesn't she look A-mazing! I think I am going to get sick of seeing her naked self and listening to her innuendos though. I hope I am wrong.


These are my First Impressions of the Housemates. What were yours?

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