Friday, 10 August 2012

Shopping for the boys.

With K and Baby J’s ever progression of gaining porky bellies and lanky legs, or in other words growing! I am in the constant look out for clothes for them. Rule number 1 Tracksuits are out! So where to start? Have you ever taken 2 young boys shopping? They hate it, even the baby! I am insistent it is the male genes... ‘Can we go yet, you've looked at that already!’ So with that in mind actually going to the shops (at this time) So... where can I start?
My mum is avid lovers of Tesco so I thought why not look at the clothes for children from Tesco.

When looking for clothes for my boys I tend to go for comfort and style, with K being nearly 5 he spends most of his day running around like a man lunatic making mud pies and just basically having lots of fun and mess lol for him, below is the outfit I have chosen for him:
Tan coloured chino trousers accompanied with a blue and white checked shirt and light tan pumps, this is a perfect outfit for anything with him really, playing, going out for a nice meal and basically just being him although, I would  probably would make an effort to keep him out of the garden. This is a 'cute' outfit where I look at him, wipe the tear away because my baby boy is now a stunning little man and smile because it was at a reasonable price.
Above is what I have chosen for Baby J, I have to say my favourite of this little outfit is the jacket! How absolutely lush is that! Accompanied by the striped shirt and the dark jeans they make a gorgeous little outfit for a beautiful little chappy. He is a notorious crawler so this wouldn't be something I would have him in just to 'chill' at home but an outfit where we would be out and about showing our little pride and joys off :)

Do you buy clothes from your local supermarket? On-line or actually nipping in? I would love to know your opinion!

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