Friday, 10 August 2012

Whiteboard mistakes? = Pink Office Supplies!!!

I mentioned recently that I was turning my dining room into an office/dining room. Yay for me! And what do you need in a office? Office supplies!! and more so pink office supplies. These have been sent to me from
Pink Artline magnetic whiteboard eraser. High quality eraser .

Red round smiley face Artline magnetic whiteboard eraser

So what do I think?
Competitively Priced at £2.69 for the smiley face eraser and £4.49 for the rectangular eraser I think these are a good little buy. Considering the plan is to buy one and then that's your lot I can't complain. The fact that they are pink is a massive bonus for me, My little office is pink, white and black, and living in a house full of boisterous boys they stay away from my girlie things *eww pink! Unless it is something that they can rub on my walls (The Joys) So what do you think of my board rubbers? Would you get them? Are you organised enough to remember to rub stuff off your board? I do try ;) The smiley face one is also good for reward chart boards, at home we have a white board reward chart although we only use mummy's smiley face to start a new week. It would just be patronising to use it otherwise aha.

Have a look at their site and tell me what you favourite is? They are also on Facebook and Twitter.

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